Your Path to More Energy, Less Stress, Better Health and Greater Joy and Peace


I'm Joyce Brinton, a facilitator of change and catalyst for those seeking freedom, power, peace, and joy in both their personal and professional lives.

Joyce is a Certified Energy Mastery Instructor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology. She’s helped thousands of adults and children overcome challenges and experience peace. While her advanced training empowers her with miraculous tools for healing traumas, it’s actually her gentle nature that invites clients into an unconditional embrace of love and kindness – not only with her but with themselves.

If something is disrupting your peace or keeping you from taking your next step in life, please reach out to schedule a session today. Joyce can help.

Look For The Miracles Around Every Corner

More Energy

If you are weighed down with worries and concerns your energy level drops. A clean energy field will increase your energy and give you better health.

More Peace

Forgiveness is essential to experiencing peace with yourself and others. The gentle art of forgiveness is a powerful tool I teach to heal the heart and bring in light.

More Time

By cleaning your energy field and resolving the unfinished conversations from your past your mind will be clearer. you will have time to do the things you want to do.

More Joy

To be joyful you have to want it. Of course you want it, but what if you have been a victim for so long you don’t know how to see it if it shows up. I’ll help release those unresolved issues to bring forward the joy you are seeking.

Better Health

The mind is central to our health. Negative thinking and emotions impact our body. When you clean up your energy field and your thoughts, your body will be healthier.

What Clients Are Saying…

I have done a cleanse on myself every morning for the last 3 days … SO CRAZY!! I can’t believe how much energy I have and how much I have gotten done. The results are nothing short of miraculous!!

Kathy Lehtinen

I just wanted to share with you. I am so grateful for this new tool you’ve given me! Last night, I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged as I didn’t know how to accomplish a task I’d been given for work. So, I took a deep breath and did an energy cleanse on myself. I was able to complete the task, no problem! Pretty Miraculous!

Amy Hill

I worked for hours trying to balance one of my clients accounts. It was my mistake and I couldn’t figure it out. I gave up and came back to it. Still no change. I started to do forgiveness for myself making an error I couldn’t find. I found it in like 3 minutes. Woo hoo, I love this stuff, it works. Thank you for sharing this modality.

Patty Weick

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