Joyce Brinton is from Gilbert, Arizona. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and has been a Life Coach and Counselor for 25 years, helping thousands of clients create miracles.

Joyce is a loving wife and adoring mother of 4 and grandmother of 10. Outside of cooking, baking and caring for family and friends, she finds great fulfillment in feeding the homeless and volunteering in China, teaching women the value of using their voice to take a stand and make a difference in the world.

As a Certified Energy Mastery® Instructor and Practitioner, Joyce has been a catalyst in the lives of many women, helping them find freedom, power and peace in their personal lives and business. Let Joyce assist you in bringing your dreams into reality and giving you access to miracles.


Years as a Life Coach and Counselor


Years Volunteering in China

I Found Myself in China:

A Journey to What’s Next in Life

Joyce Brinton struggles to find her passion and purpose after the last of her children leaves home for college. When a friend suggests they become teachers to young women in China, Joyce reluctantly agrees, only because she feels she has no better option. Alone and a long way from home, Joyce is forced to rely on herself without fear or self-judgment. Her struggles, triumphs and continued growth highlight her captivating journey to discovering her personal power and self-expression. Extremely authentic and honest, I Found Myself in China shares Joyce’s personal transformation from depressed empty-nester to strong feminine leader and role model. If you’re looking for a breakthrough to determine what’s next in your life, then Joyce Brinton’s I Found Myself in China is tailor-made for you.

How we help?

The purpose of my work is to help facilitate miracles for individuals seeking better health, connectedness, hope and joy. I am a teacher and a vessel for healing. I help others in restructuring their abandoned dreams of health, relationships and confidence. When one experiences a loss, either of a loved one, a job, divorce, or passion, it has affects on the body. Cleaning up the energy around the conversations you have in your mind about the loss will leave you feeling peaceful and healthier. Using the advanced tools of Muscle Testing and Energy Clearing I am able to help clients get rapid, remarkable results so they are more aligned with their soul. Schedule a session with Joyce today or join an upcoming workshop.

Who we help?

I have worked with clients ranging in age from 8 to 80. Most of them are looking for relief from health issues or emotional pain related to some sort of loss. When you think about it… everyday we lose something. It can be a relationship with a close friend, our phone or keys, a marriage, a loved one, a document on the computer. It all comes down to what our reaction is to that loss. Anything, no matter how big or small that disrupts our peace is related to some sort of loss. I help individuals sort through this loss and the thoughts and reactions around it. I help clean up the energy, judgements and interpretations they make around the loss, allowing them to resolve it and move on. If something is disrupting your peace or keeping you from taking your next step in life, please reach out to schedule a session today. Joyce can help.

I have used the Energy Mastery tools to clean my energy field every day. It has given me clarity, and the ability to move more fluid and without resistance. Immediately after taking the class in September I went to Atlanta to take care of my daughter in law who had a severe injury to her ankle and foot. I worked on the energy of the injury twice a day for 6 weeks. Her doctor was amazed when he checked her. She is four months ahead of the healing process they predicted and she has gone back to work.

Angela Braxton, Health and Wellness Coach, Mesa, AZ

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