Energy Mastery Class

In this two-day Energy Mastery class, you will be introduced to the many facets of energy, where we pick it up, and what to do with it. You will learn your own language for energy and receive lifelong tools to use for yourself, loved ones, and clients in cleaning the energy field and shifting your mindset, allowing for profound and rapid healing to occur in all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental, financial, relational and spiritual. If you want to overcome any challenge or shift any area of your life, this class is for you. Space is limited.

Dates: March 1 and 2, 2024

Pathway Vision Board Class

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done… you will continue to have what you have always had and you will be what you have always been!” Are you ready for something different? What if you could have miracles in your life? What if there was a system and process for mapping out what is most important to you? I’ve been teaching this class for 8 years and I’m in awe of the dreams my students reveal and the lives they are able to create using the tools they learn in this program.

In this 2 hour virtual workshop, you will discover the power of your words and how to create a vision board that actually works so you can create the future you want.

Date: TBD

A Woman’s Voice

This one day workshop was developed from finding my own voice in 2011. I was able to teach a 5 week class in China empowering women to discover their voice, purpose and passion. “A Woman’s Voice” will get you in touch with your true divine self, help you gain confidence in what you want to do, and discover where your soul is leading you. I believe there is something bigger for all women on this planet. Come experience the love, support and teachings you’ve been looking for in this one day workshop.

I look forward to hearing what your soul has to say.

Dates: TBD

Muscle Testing Academy

Life can be challenging and sometimes tragic and may involve loss. We don’t always know what to do with the pain. We teach the gentle art of forgiveness to experience healing and freedom from the past. We help you access personal miracles rapidly through muscle testing, a tool that has been used for years by chiropractors, herbalists and healers. The method of muscle testing we teach in our academy is one of pushing gently on the person’s arm to get a strong or weak response. Your body responds strong to truth and weak to untruths. This is a wonderful opportunity to work through emotions and learn what is really true for you.

Register for an upcoming workshop today.

March 22-23, 2024

Led by Steve & Joyce Brinton

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Forgiveness Challenge

Would you like to learn how to use the power of Forgiveness to get more Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity in your life?

Hi, my name is Joyce and most people know me as the energy lady. Myself and my husband Steve help others get the health and wealth they deserve using techniques rooted in energy.

We are hosting a free 3 Day Forgiving Your Way to Health and Wealth Challenge. In our healing practice we have found Forgiveness to be the most powerful way to create drastic improvements in all areas of life.

This live interactive zoom training will teach you practical techniques you can use daily. We will meet for an hour once daily for the live interactive training. After you complete this 3 day challenge you will be free of stuck energy from your past experiences.

You will be able to identify the traumas in your life holding you back from your greatest potential using our muscle testing techniques.

Just click the REGISTER TODAY button below to register for this free challenge!

Dates: TBD

The Vision Board Class is unlike anything I’ve heard of or done before, and with proven results. The follow up with Joyce’s one on one led to many aha’s. Joyce Brinton is helping create many rockin lives! “

Michelle Miller



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